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Steve McCracken aka 'NONE HERE' is a gifted artist from Devon, who spends much of his time filling the streets with colour; painting and pasting wherever he goes.  His birds offer an escape to passers-by, with the intention to brighten up their day.  Steve achieves this by his instantly recognisable expressive painting style and use of colour offering a sense of freedom, movement and hope.


Pigeon Head Chaos Cloth


Steve McCracken Cloth

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Steve's iconic cloth design brings a chaotic energy using his signature bird head symbol. The single bird head coloured in represents the individual whilst the others stand for the issues and challenges we face day to day.  At the same time it expresses the idea that everyone has something special about them.  You have something special about you, as does the person next to you and the person next to them.

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What does being an artist mean to you? 

It means i have the opportunity to explore and express my ideas, feelings, emotions and observations through creativity in my case the use of colour, line and text.

What challenges did you need to overcome as an artist (or personally) to reach the level you're at? 

Not giving up is the main one.  Listening to yourself and not others and doing what you want to do.  Everything presents challenges and you have to find ways to overcome them.  Being an artist is a way of life... 

Steve McCracken drawing

Has producing art changed or altered your outlook on life?

It adds a romantic element to it, you become more aware of life and your surroundings, you find out about yourself and what inspires you giving you the opportunity to explore, be free and get lost in your work.

How are you reframing your world through art? 

I intend to make art accessible for everyone so I create little flashes of colour to brighten up the days of passers by.  Pasting my birds in the streets for all to see with the intention to offer people space, or a little moment to put a smile on their face.  It's my way of spreading and sharing the positive vibes I get from being a surfer in the ocean into the urban environment.


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