It's a brilliant sunny day at the height of summer in the UK. Most people at the beach are sunbathing or in the sea.

But not Evie. 

Evie is 9 years old and has been cleaning beaches since she was 6, often getting up as early as 5:30am to head to her local beach. You might say Evie is a pro (at least we think so). 

Evie Whaley

How did it start?  Evie wants to be a vet when she grows up, but at aged 6 she began to notice the impact rubbish was having on her local wildlife, and like a true hero Evie didn't waste any time jumping into action. Fast forward three years and Evie has collected hundreds and hundreds of bags of rubbish - probably more than most people collect in a lifetime. 

We loved getting to work with Evie, and our future somehow feels safer in the hands of this generation. 

As divided as the worlds opinions can get, I think we can agree to be inspired by the motion of the younger generation. Their hearts are set in the right place and values held way above many.

Evie explains environmental issues as if they’re common sense… which they are. Cleaning Fistral beach with her today was not only fun but incredibly inspiring. We can’t wait to see what this girl gets up to in life, she’s on to something good. 

Oh, and Evie rocks our Tawny Honey's like a true flock hero! 

Watch our interview here: 



June 23, 2022 — Bird Eyewear