The Birds

From building dens to building a movement. Our goal is to make better eyewear for a better world.

That means less b*ulls**t and more action.

Fashion is often said to both reflect and lead culture — we believe the industry we’re in has a once-in-history opportunity to demonstrate that creativity and respect for nature can lead to sustainability.

Humanity has been up against it in recent years, with global disruptions, turbulent economies and what seems like endless inequalities amplified by the news. So how we work and run our supply-chains changes the outcomes for our partners, stakeholders and ultimately the planet. 

There’s a reason we’re based in the greenest city in the UK; nature is at the heart of what we do and we aim to reflect this in every pair of Birds and the impact they have, whether that’s creating new innovative materials or planting our very own forest.

Pushing boundaries for people and planet.


Loves learning from trial and error, and will have a go at solving any problem.


Has crazy attention to detail and a talent for great design.

The Birds can talk

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