We offer a 1 year warranty from original purchase date. This applies to any genuine manufacturer defect that may occur in your product. This warranty is only available if the product was purchased from our online store.


Our comprehensive warranty covers all parts of your product and applies to all types of manufacturing defects or failure should they occur. Scratched lenses as a result of normal use are not covered by this warranty.


Sadly, this warranty does not cover items that are lost, stolen, dropped, frames that have been bent and cracked, excessive water damage, frames eaten by an animals or damaged in a fruit fight (please play safe).

We will always do our best to solve any issue and provide the best service possible. If a frame is irreparable and no longer under warranty, we might suggest that you use our Recycling program.  Or you can visit our Repair page to find out how we can repair broken frames and scratched lenses.

Our 1 year warranty covers prescription frames, but does not cover prescription lenses as these cannot be reused or recycled. 

Bird Sunglasses is not liable for any other damages, such as incidental or consequential damages, resulting from the misuse of our products.


Please contact our team for any other questions.