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What are your lenses like?


All lenses are custom made by our glazing house in Cardiff (UK). We offer a range of different indexes (thicknesses) to suit your needs. From 1.5 (regular) to 1.67 (ultra thin).
All lenses come with anti-reflection (MAR), anti-scratch coatings and UV protection at no additional cost to you.
Sun lenses are a sunlight filter category 3, offering excellent protection from the sun and perfectly suited for general purpose.
Anti-reflection coating FREE
Anti-scratch coating FREE
UV protection FREE

What if I have a high prescription?

No problem. In most cases, we’ll be able to help you out.
We can produce prescription lenses with a sphere (SPH) up to -10.00 or +10.00 and a cylinder up to -6.00 or +6.00.

Prescriptions with powers higher than -4.00 or  +4.00 can only be ordered if your PD is given (pupillary distance).


Do we do varifocals?

Yes we do. Varifocal lenses allow you to see both close up (near) and far away (distance) in a single lens by creating blended viewing sections. So by moving your eyes up and down the lens will give you clear vision at any distance.

In order to have varifocal lenses fitted we need to get some simple measurements (pupillary distance & ocular height). Using our Home Try-on kit we can send you all the details you need. 

Varifocals come in many different types, so to get an idea of pricing you can view the prescription flow on one of the product pages, or contact us at with your prescription for a bespoke quote.



What if I don’t know my PD?

Your PD (pupilary distance), is simply the distance between your pupils. This measurement is always taken by your optician and helps place the focal point correctly in front of your eyes in custom lenses.

Before submitting your prescription details, you can ask your opticians to provide you with this measurement. Alternatively you can ask us to send you a downloadable PD ruler with instructions. 

In general the PD for most adults is between 54mm-74mm. 

The PD number must be know for more complex prescriptions and for prescriptions over +4.00 and -4.00.

For more information and guides on how to measure your PD please visit the How to find your Pupillary Distance and Ocular Height page


Can I get a rush service?

Yes of course. We can provide a 1 week rush service for an extra fee of £20 


My new glasses don’t seem right. What should I do?

If you’ve worn glasses before, you’ll know it can take up to two weeks for your eyes to adjust to a new prescription. This is fairly normal. However if you think you are experiencing more than regular issues, please contact us straight away.

Do not continue to wear glasses that cause severe blurriness or discomfort.



How do I find the right frame for me?

What matters most is how you feel in your glasses.

Read our face shape guide to help match the right shape with your face. Or, you can use our virtual try-on tool or our postal try-on service.

The basic rules to follow:

• Your glasses should sit comfortably on your nose
• Your pupils should look through the middle of the lens
• The lenses shouldn’t be much wider than your face

Need more help? We’re always here to support and can offer recommendations on frames and lenses. Just send us a photo and we’ll help match you with the right Birds.