Tucked away among the steep streets of Looe, a small fishing village in Cornwall, you’ll find the Old Hall Bookshop. Spread over two floors of a converted 19th century chapel, it’s a treasure trove of pre-loved books, maps and rare editions.

We spent the day in this magical place for our latest shoot, we even bought a few books to take home.

The owners Jo and her husband Sam live either side of this cosy library, they’re a rare breed of custodian who care for the books which are stacked floor to ceiling on ancient bookshelves. Comfy sofas dot the room for anyone to sink into and enjoy a good read.

Being a custodian means looking after something for the next generation, and there’s no doubt Jo and Sam will have played a role in hundreds of stories, helping to reframe other people’s lives through their passion.  

Thanks Jo & Sam - we had a blast. 

Bird Eyewear at The Old Hall bookstore in Looe

Photo at the harbour in Looe

Vintage bookstore sign in Looe

A girl being photographed on a bridge

People looking through a bookshop window

A girl with glasses holding a book

Photo of a girl choosing a book from a shelf

A group of people reading books in a bookshop

A pair of glasses on an open book

A girl resting on a sofa arm

Three people holding up books

A model posing on the stairs

Jo Hawes in Looe bookshop

People in a living room scene

A black man reading a book

Friends gathered round a phone

Jo Hawes sharing a story

Jo Hawes from Looe Bookshop

Man standing next to bookshop sign

Two people on a bridge

Old book about birds

March 03, 2022 — Bird Eyewear