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What makes a pair of Sunglasses sustainable?

Sustainable sunglasses by design

Every single product is the outcome of a vigorous design process.  

As well as being meticulously designed and having a positive impact on the world, Bird’s eco sunglasses are first and foremost designed to protect your vision.  100% UVA and UVB protection (UV400) comes as standard in all of our sunglasses. Reducing glare and sharpening details and colour through our state of the art lenses.

Creating circular supply chains

A key aspect of our supply chain is understanding where raw material is sourced and the supply chain that supports it. Our suppliers meet the highest standards of manufacturing, including ISO9001 certifications, FDA and CE compliance, including FSC certifications for wood.

Plant based dyes are used in our colouring of woods and acetate, and to top things off, we make our cleaning cloths from recycled plastic bottles.

Everyone has the right to see nature and be inspired by it

What we do is craft gorgeous frames from materials that don't trash the planet. We're talking bio-acetate, recycled metals, and repurposed materials.

Our promise is simple: to offer you frames that are easy on the eyes and the earth, from a team that's fighting for you to see more natural beauty, not less.