Which face shape are you?


 Glasses for all face shapes


A quick general rule for choosing the right glasses frame shape for your face is that opposites attract. So, if you have a round face, it's likely that a squarer frame will compliment your look, whereas if you have a square face, you might try some round frames.  

Of course, rules are meant to be broken, but the opposites rule is a good place to start.  Other factors to consider is whether your hair style has an affect on your face shape, and ultimately what style of frame sparks joy for you. 



Glasses for Round Faces


Face shape for glasses - round

Aim at: 

Rectangular or square frames to add dimensions and structure 

If you want to emphasise the fullness of your face then we recommend trying frames like the AlbaWren, Athene or Finch

Wider frames, like the Otus or Hawfinch will break up and elongate your face’s round outline.




Glasses for Square Faces


Glasses for square face shape 

Aim at: 

Softening angles with rounded, curved or thinner frames

Choose frames like the Kaka, TawnyApollo or Luna, and draw attention upwards with more colourful hues.




Glasses for Oval Faces


Glasses for square face shape 

Aim at: 

Experimenting with different shapes and styles. Most styles will suit you. Make the most of this with rounded or square shapes. Why not try:

A bold frame like the: Blackcap
Larger frames like the: Otus
Colourful frames like the: Tawny or Kaka



Glasses for Heart Faces


Glasses shape for heart faces 

Aim at: 

Oversized or angular frames to emphasise your cheekbones, or cat-eye shapes add interest. You might that frames like the Kaka or Tawny suit you best.

The 'Diamond' face shape shares similarities with the Heart (wide cheekbones, pointy chin), but has a narrower forehead. With this in mind you can soften particularly angular features with rounded frames, such as the Blackcap or the Tawny.

Widen your forehead with styles which have colour, features, or thickness emphasis on the brow part of the frame, like the beautiful design of the Suma.



Virtual try-on: 


Why not try our virtual try-on. This is a handy guide tool on each product page that allows you to check which style of frame suits your face shape without ever leaving the comfort of your home.