HawkX Polarised Lens Upgrade (Charcoal)


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Bird HawkX Ultra-clear Polarised sunglasses are designed to reduce glare from light-reflecting surfaces like water, glass or snow – as well as protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Standard sunglasses will protect your eyes from bright light, and in most cases, offer UV protection — but they aren’t always able to reduce glare. Polarised sunglasses can look exactly the same as standard sunglasses, but they feature a layer which changes the way light reaches your eyes.

There is a subtle way to tell the difference between standard sunglasses and polarised ones. Hold the sunglasses in front of a reflective surface, and look through one of the lenses. Then, slowly rotate the sunglasses 90 degrees to the right or left. If the glare reduces, the sunglasses are polarised.

Polarised sunglasses have a special layer that helps to increase comfort and clarity of vision. The film works by acting as a shutter to block out light reflected from horizontal surfaces. The polarising filter only allows light that is vertically polarised to pass through the lenses and blocks any horizontally polarised light. That’s how polarised lenses reduce glare.

Polarised lenses are perfect for driving in bright conditions, water-based sports and anywhere you might encounter surface glare. They’re especially useful for people with certain eye conditions that make them more sensitive to light. They’re also helpful for protecting the eyes after surgery that may cause more sensitivity to light, such as cataract removal or laser correction.

Polarised lenses diagram

Caring for communities


Every pair sold helps to combat poverty and climate change through our partnership with SolarAid. Using Solar energy in rural Africa cuts CO2 Emissions from toxic fuel sources and helps provide a brighter future.