Gregory Mason - Blackcap 30x30cm Print (12")


30x30cm (12") print is available for a limited time only. All profits go to our charity partner SolarAid on this product.

As part of our Reframe Your World artist series, renowned oil painter Gregory Mason has captured our award-winning Blackcap frame in his own unique style.
A celebration of our Blackcap frame that beautifully speaks to our mission to reframe the world for the better. 

Gregory is a graduate of Saint Martins School of Art in London and an associate of the prestigious Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Greg has featured on SKY TV and exhibited extensively around the world.

"I paint because there is something that moves me to do it, the process of intense observation and putting paint to canvas helps me feel grounded. It’s an incredibly personal experience, however, I’m always conscious that ultimately there will be a viewer - I’m framing something for another person to see. My paintings act as an invitation to take a moment, to look at things from my perspective. I’m always fascinated by reactions to my paintings and the differing narratives that people attach to my work. In turn these responses show me something in my own work that I was unaware of, giving it deeper meaning."

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15x15cm (6") print available HERE

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