Birdies Sunglasses Strap - Large


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Our comfortable Silicone Strap attaches snugly to Birdies, preventing them from going missing on your little one's adventures. These sturdy sunglasses straps are easy to fit but harder to remove, giving you the peace of mind that they will remain secure no matter what treatment they endure.
Size:  Large 4-11 Years (200mm)
For children with Birdies, this super strap is a great accessory, allowing them to concentrate on their outdoor adventures, rather than keeping their sunglasses on.

• Easy to fit
• Comfortable to wear
• Use on any Bird Sunglasses
• Stops sunglasses from falling off
• Snug silicone ends to ensure a tight fit on the frame

The real magic bean

Birdies are made from processed castor beans, a new (and old) natural polymer that is lighter than aluminium and strong enough to be used in vehicles.

These frames are virtually indestructible. Designed to withstand rough treatment, they’re bendable, throwable, and come with impact and shatter-resistant lenses. The low-density material is 10 times stronger than the plastics in car bumpers, and 13 times stronger than common bioplastics. The perfect material for inquisitive minds.

Castor plants grow extremely fast and do not require pesticides or chemicals to thrive. Just like children.

Caring for communities


Every pair sold helps to combat poverty and climate change through our partnership with SolarAid. Using Solar energy in rural Africa cuts CO2 Emissions from toxic fuel sources and helps provide a brighter future.