Bird x Steve McCracken Cloth


As part of our Reframe Your World artist series, we’ve joined with Devon artist Steve McCracken to create a limited-edition large cleaning cloth.

Steve's iconic cloth design brings a chaotic energy using his signature bird head symbol. The single bird head coloured in represents the individual whilst the others stand for the issues and challenges we face day to day.  At the same time it expresses the idea that everyone has something special about them.  You have something special about you, as does the person next to you and the person next to them.

Steve McCracken aka NONE HERE fills the streets with colour, painting and pasting wherever he goes.  His birds offer an escape to passers by, with the intention to brighten up their day.  Steve achieves this by his instantly recognisable expressive painting style and use of colour offering a sense of freedom, movement and hope. 

    Caring for communities


    Every pair sold helps to combat poverty and climate change through our partnership with SolarAid. Using Solar energy in rural Africa cuts CO2 Emissions from toxic fuel sources and helps provide a brighter future.