We've been reflecting on the superpowers of sunglasses, and the impact you’ve had so far through our #shareyoursun partnership with SolarAid. It's truly amazing to see how solar light can power up lives for the better!

We’ve said from the start, looking good is one thing, but doing good is so much more important. Since we launched in 2017 the solar lights distributed from sales of Bird Sunglasses have reached 1862 people, saved 454 tonnes of CO2, given 430,444 hours of extra study time, and £68,170 saved by families.*(over the lifespan of one light).

With a solar light, families tell us they save money from reduced spending on lighting alternatives like kerosene, candles, and battery torches. An average solar light user will recoup the cost of their solar light in 10 weeks. After this, a family saves $70 a year – around 10% of their income. 40% of families then spend nothing on lighting at all which means they’re able to spend their precious money on other things.

Families tell us that solar lights are predominantly used by children to do their homework after dark. With access to this bright, safe, clean and free light, children are doing an extra hour of homework each day.

When children do well at school, they are likely to stay there longer and gain a higher level of education benefiting themselves, their families and their communities.
Each solar light bought by a household in rural Africa results in the elimination of the regular use of one kerosene lamp and this means there is less indoor air pollution. Happily, over half of families notice an improvement in health as a result; including a reduction in coughing, chest problems, eye irritation and illness.
Improved health links back to income, education and well-being, enabling people to be more productive, miss fewer hours of work or school, and be happier. These sunglasses really do have superpowers!


Thanks for making a difference and being a part of our journey!


Ed & the team

Founder of Bird Sunglasses Ed Bird

Ed Bird