Disconnect. Reconnect.

As 2019 starts to quietly unfold, most of us are gearing up for returning to work. planning next summer’s adventure, or just doing our best to recover from the busiest time of year. Taking a moment to reflect on 2018 and align your vision for the coming year gives you the best chance of making 2019 a success – whatever that means for you. Here’s a few tips and rituals that Team Bird have been using as we prepare for the year ahead, so grab a pen and your favourite beverage and join us as we disconnect and reconnect into 2019…  

1. Disconnect

  The world is being held hostage by screens (yes, we know it’s ironic that you’re reading this on one). Technology and social media can be great, however it can also isolate, distract and increase the pressure we feel everyday. Make one change:
  • Create one place in your house where your smart phone lives. Make a stand and do all your interacting here, then leave it there.
  • Switch your screen to ‘greyscale’ - this turns everything black and white and is proven to reduce the amount of mindless scrolling.

2. Reconnect

  True connection takes intention and effort. Aim to reconnect with at least one person you haven't spoken to in a while each month, whether family, friends, work colleagues or old teachers. Make one change:
  • Share an old memory
  • Write a postcard for their birthday, make it personal and wish them well.

3. Dreams and goals

  Writing down your goals and dreams increases your chances of achieving them by 42% (says science). This seems an obvious one, so obvious in fact that most people forget to do it. But it could be the difference between 2019 being the year you achieve your dreams or not. Make one change: Write down:
  • Big rocks (the really big stuff you’d like to happen this year)
  • Small rocks (the more manageable but still great stuff)
  • Family goals
  • Personal goals

Keep copies of the list as reminders – on your fridge, on your phone, or on your desk.  


Team Bird want to wish you a very Happy New Year, and we hope that 2019 will be a year when we all disconnect, reconnect and achieve our best dreams and goals.  

Ed and the team