With the new year bringing clarity, fresh ideas and new projects for the Bird flock, we wanted to take a look back on how our Share Your Sun movement has impacted lives for good.

Working with SolarAid and #shareyoursun


We are enormously proud of our partnership with SolarAid, a charity that replaces dirty and expensive kerosene lamps with solar powered light for families in Africa. Why solely sell sunglasses, when we can do so much more?



With each pair of Bird sunglasses purchased, a family in Africa benefits from a solar lamp. These solar lamps take the place of the standard kerosene lamps that are in most households. By eliminating these dirty kerosene lamps, families will benefit from better health; reducing chest problems, eye irritation and illness. This improvement in health results in better mental wellbeing, fewer hours of work and school missed and enables people to be more productive.


Most of these lights are used by children to complete their homework after dark, meaning better grades, leading young people towards higher education and brighter futures.


Stats from our friends @ Solar Aid


Since the beginning of our partnership with SolarAir we have reached 3598 people and provided over 670,000 extra hours of study time! Solar lamps also mean that families save on buying fuel for their kerosene lamps - 40% of families will never have to spend money on lighting ever again!

"With each pair of Bird sunglasses purchased, a family in Africa benefits from a solar lamp. "





Not only do solar lamps save the health and money of African families, but they also save the planet. In the past 3 years we have averted over 708 tonnes of CO2 from polluting the atmosphere. Looking good is one thing, but doing good is a whole different ball game and we strive to help Mother Earth as well as people in need.

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Lawrence Bird