Optical Partnerships.

Looking to see how Bird Eyewear can fit your business? You've come to the right place. We are now working with over 30 different independent opticians throughout the UK, which is a number that is continually growing week-by-week. Since the introduction of 'Partnerships', there has really never been a better time bring Bird Eyewear to your ranges.

Partnerships, is our free-of-charge business to business channel, providing you with access to our incredible wholesale prices along with a whole host of other benefits. Partnerships is open to all businesses who stock or represent Bird Eyewear and share our values. It's not a membership, it's simply our way of giving back to those that join us on our journey to provide Better Eyewear for a Better Planet.

Ah, but don't you sell directly to the public online?

The optical industry in the UK has seen almost 20% of sales take place online (Source; Statista, 2020) - a figure that is predicted to continually increase as time goes on. 

If we consider why customers shop online, it is usually for the following reasons:

  • Convenience - because it is sometimes easier and quicker to find what they are looking for from their sofa.
  • Price - some feel they will get better value for money by shopping online and bypassing costs associated with having a physical presence. 
  • Individuality - some customers simply cannot find what they are looking for on the high street.
  • Sustainability - customers are increasingly looking for products that genuinely will not harm the planet and go beyond current environmental options.

We created our brand to fill this need. Creating alternative eyewear that is accessibly priced, visually individual and sustainably centred. 

We work with, not against Opticians by enabling you to provide in your store, the very product that your customer look for online. 

Yes, we do sell our products online, as do the majority of eyewear brands, but we would much rather our customers bought directly from our Partnerships instead. So much so that through our Partnerships, we have introduced even more advantages for customers that buy their Birds through your business:

  • Access to our exclusive range of eyewear only available through our Partnerships and not on our own website. 
  • Exclusive extended 18 month warranty for purchases made through Partnerships.
  • Alternative Bird Eyewear case options.
  • No enforced RRP above wholesale for our Partnerships. Each Partnership is free to set the price that works for their business.

Simply put, Opticians are are choosing Bird Eyewear because together we provide a long-term, sustainable solution by bringing an online brand to the high street.

How much do Birds cost?

Our frames range between £69 - £119 RRP. Don't forget, our wholesale pricing are available to all Partnerships. Request a price list here. Our wholesale prices generally provide a 2.3 - 2.5+ x ROI.

All frames are shipped to you fitted with Plano lenses as standard, inside of our our gorgeous Cork cases, and protected by our ecologically-sound Nest Boxes for shipping.

You say Bird Eyewear is eco, but isn't everyone eco now?

We genuinely wish they were! Many companies profess to be sustainably focused, however this often turns out to be nothing more than partial carbon offsetting. 

Due to the prevalence of Greenwashing, proving our eco-credentials to our customers is more important than ever before. To this point, we became the first UK eyewear company to achieve B|Corp status, which was pivotal to our success. Being a B|Corp involves ongoing assessment and thorough auditing of every aspect of our business. From our suppliers, through to manufacturing and business operations, we have made everything completely transparent. Actions speak louder than words.

Truly impacting people and the planet is more than simply claiming to plant a tree once-in-a-while. Going further than this, our 'Share Your Sun' initiative, means that each pair of Birds which fly the nest, provides Solar Light to families in Zambia and Malawi.

We provide your customers with something they can wear, that is not only meeting their eyewear requirements, but they can see is positively impacting our world.

What makes your frames different?

Our founders, two brothers named Ed & Lawrence Bird, wanted to create something that gave back to nature by tackling fast-fashion in the eyewear industry head-on.

As the name suggests, each pair of Birds is a physical representation of various species of Birds. Every design reflects the characteristic, colours and personality of each Bird that they are styled on. Take a look at our frames such as Athene and Blackcap to see how each bird is beautifully represented.

Our materials are completely sustainably sourced and very robust. Wether it's our multi-ply wooden designs, recycled aerospace aluminium aviators, or our plant based acetates ranges, you'll definitely not find anything quite like a pair of Birds.

Who else do you work with?

We work with a diverse range of Partnerships depending on their needs. Our  Partnerships come in all shapes, nichés and sizes. Some of our sunglass Partnerships include large enterprises such as Passenger Clothing and The Eden Project. Other Partnerships also include incredibly unique micro-enterprise fashion stores. 


Our Opthalmic Partnerships also vary in size. From multi-practice brands such as iVision Opticians, to independent single practice brands such Chetty & Das Opticians. Every Partnership matters to us. 

Check out our full list of Optical Partnerships.

How do I get involved?

If you'd like to become a stockist, have a trial-run of our ranges or request further information, we will be happy to help.

You can request one of our local reps to visit you at a time and date to suit, or we can simply arrange to send you a tray of samples direct to your practice. Simply let us know what works best for you.

Bird Eyewear Partnerships have the following benefits:

  • Access to our exclusive Partnerships only range of eyewear that is not available online.
  • No minimum order quantity regardless of price.
  • Incredible whole-sale pricing.
  • POS stands and Merchandising materials available upon request.
  • No contracts what-so-ever.
  • Flexible credit facilities.
  • Extended warranties for all Partnership products.

Plus, a whole host of regular benefits for building brand awareness and extending your customer base. There is no charge for Bird Eyewear Partnerships, it is simply our way of giving back to the community that support us.

Are you at 100% Optical, 2023?

Yes indeed we are, we will be at stand X Y Z. Please come over and say 'hi'. You'll also be able to check out our new exclusive Partnerships range.

Don't take our word for it, see how working X Y and Z Opticians have boosted their sales by stocking Bird Eyewear. 




Head of Business Development & Partnerships