The Satellite Range

To mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landing this summer, we’ve designed a limited edition range made from materials that are out of this world.


Made from aerospace grade alloy, the aluminium alloy 5052 combines chromium and magnesium to make one of the highest strength alloys. Strong and light, it’s a key material found in the thousands of satellites orbiting earth. Typically found in CubeSat Satellites. These are aerospace sunglasses like no other.



This is precision engineering for your face - Super lightweight (under 20g)- Built-in micro-hinges - Polarised lenses - Flexible and adjustable nose-pads - Durable and Corrosion resistant - Anti-static - With a fatigue strength that is higher than most alloys.

Specially engineered to take the punishment that aircraft and space vehicles endure and re-shaped by Bird to bring a fresh and unique look. The CR39 Polarised lenses are made from Nylon, a top-notch performance material with amazing shock resistance while remaining extremely lightweight.


Six cutting-edge shapes for your star bound adventures...

The more we travel space, the more we see how precious our people and planet are.


That’s why every pair of Bird Sunglasses gives the gift of clean solar light through our partnership with SolarAid, replacing dirty kerosene lamps in rural communities in Africa. Our hope is that when you wear these frames, just like an astronaut looking down from space, you’ll have a Bird’s eye view on our beautiful planet.


Come join our flock.