Bird eyewear cleaning cloth mae with recycled bottles


Over 35 million plastic bottles are used every single day in the UK alone. Just over half of these make their way into the recycling, So it’s scary to think where the other 15 million end up. Stroll down any beach and you’ll realise that not all the rest make their way into the bin either.


Plastic bottles are incredibly dangerous to our marine life and land-dwelling animals; whether whole or braking down as micro-plastics.


A wall of used bottles for recycling


We love innovating, which is why our cleaning cloths are created entirely from old recycled plastic bottles. It’s like magic, but even better.


We aren’t producing something new, but creating something beautiful from an object otherwise destined for the bin, or worse, the sea.

So, how does it work? Luckily PET plastics (*polyethylene terephthalate), are easily recognisable as they have a code stamped on them; for example, the base of a plastic bottle will read PET or PETE, with the recycling symbol above it.


plastic bottles for recycling



Used plastic bottles are referred to as “post-consumer PET”. These are widely recycled throughout the world, and go through a lengthy process of cleaning, melting and drying before becoming useable again, such as our cleaning cloths.


Literally made of rubbish.  


Combine this with our 100% recycled and compostable packaging, and our hand-made eco-cork case, and the only brand new thing you’ll be receiving are your Bird specs themselves, which are created to last you a last time.

Bird Eyewear recycled bottles cleaning cloths


*try saying that out loud. 

March 03, 2021 — Hello Bird