Whilst eyewear is our speciality, we totally geek out on all things material. Being on a mission to make the planet a better and safer place, means not only focusing on our frames, but the whole package (the whole company in fact). 


Flexi-hex honeycomb packaging

We've been refining our packaging to have minimal impact on the environment since we started. Our newest addition is a hexagonal delight to our beloved nest box. We've teamed up with Flexi-hex and now use their incredible paper sleeves to keep our Birds snug inside their boxes as they journey to find new faces.


Flexi-hex's incredible paper sleeves go above and beyond in more ways than one... they are made from over 85% recycled paper pulp while all virgin paper is FSC Certified.

If you can't find a creative way to reuse them (like keeping a banana safe during your weekend bike ride), then it's good to know they are curbside recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

Plus using Flexi-hex means reducing our shipping and storage costs, and ultimately the impact on our environment.

We'll keep experimenting if you will...

Bird Eyewear