Face shape guide for glasses

Face shape guide for glasses

If you’d like a little more insight into which frames might suit for different face shapes, we’ve put together a list of our favourite sunglasses for each face shape.

Which Face Shape are you?

It's often the case that when choosing frames, the best style for you will be the opposite shape to your face. So if you have a round face, then squarer sunglasses will compliment, whereas for a square face, you should try some round frames. 

Glasses for Round Faces

If you want to emphasise the fullness of your face then we recommend trying a square frame, like the Otus, Jay, Strix or Wren

Wider frames, like the Hawfinch will break up and elongate your face’s round outline.

Glasses for Square Faces

You can soften the angles of square faces with rounded or aviator-style frames which are no wider than your face, like Apollo, Luna and Sunda .

Draw attention upwards with colour or feature detailing on the top part of the glasses, such as Kaka.



Glasses for Oval Faces

Most styles will suit you. Make the most of this with rounded-square shapes, such as Finch, his big brother Hawfinch, and Otus.

Glasses for Heart Faces

Don’t be afraid to go for oversized styles. Angular frames emphasise your cheekbones, too, while cat-eyes add interest. Frames like the Tawny (large), Kaka or Redstart might suit you best.

Glasses for Diamond Faces

The Diamond shares similarities with the Heart (wide cheekbones, pointy chin), but has a narrower forehead. With this in mind you can soften particularly angular features with rounded frames, such as the Optician Awards 2019 Winner Blackcap, or the Tawny (small).


Widen your forehead with styles which have colour, features, or thickness emphasis on the brow part of the frame, like the beautiful design on the Lapwing.


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