Finding your voice.

As many profitable businesses will confirm, building a successful brand is no mean feat. It’s a process that requires time, which is one of the most valuable resources that we don't always have.

A proven way to build a brand is by collaborating with other like-minded brands within your network, who appeal to the same demographic as your customer base.

We love collaborations and have led many successful campaigns with local businesses, sports personalities, influencers and of course - our own partners.

We want to build regular collaborations within in our Partnership network over 2023 and beyond. Get in touch to see how we can work together.

Networking sans quiche.

Partnering with Bird Eyewear opens doors to opportunities not only with ourselves, but also within our network of contacts and other Partners. We're not talking about those awkward networking meetings in the upstairs of a blue carpeted conference centre. This is about networking in a way that brings real, tangible value.

For instance, perhaps you’re looking for someone to mention your innovative hand-made jewellery, or perhaps you want to boost the presence of your cutting edge eco-store that has taken a whole new angle - we can help by putting you in touch with each other so you utilise the influence that both brands have. 

See our collaborations in action by checking out the links below.  One of our all-time favourite collaborations is with Gregory Mason, a local artist with a passion for water colour. Check out the results of Bird Eyewear X Gregory Mason to gain inspiration for you next collaboration

Want to collaborate? Get in touch and we'll help you link with the right people.

Social Media

Our social media team is quite possibly our greatest asset when it comes to brand awareness and finding new customers. The team have vast experience in creating content that is engaging, and simultaneously brings serious returns on investment.

In today's marketing landscape, social media is the catalyst for word-of-mouth referrals. It's signposting that really works and is where online advocates love to boast about their allegiance to your brand. Having no or little social media presence content can seriously hamper your businesses results. After all, if customers haven't heard of you, then how are they going to buy from you? 

Register for our Social & Content Masterclass guides, where we provide regular tips from our own successes, and show you how to maximise results from your resources. 




Head of Business Development & Partnerships