We invite you to join us

We are looking for smart retailers with smart shops – either exclusive fashion boutiques or progressive opticians, where our innovative sunglasses and prescription frames can be shown off to their full potential.

We offer a generous product margin and keen retail prices to drive volume. But we also recognise that shops these days don’t benefit equitably from showcasing brands.

Some sales might be initiated in your store but then converted on our website. We would like to promote the work you by giving a percentage of our local sales defined by your area.


We are offering a profit share on all online sales within an agreed catchment of your store, as an extra reward for promoting and showcasing our Eyewear brand.

We make award-winning, design-led eyewear using high quality and sustainable materials whilst giving back through our partnership with Solar Aid.  Our vision is to build a global brand known for unique designs, superb products and meaningful social impact. We are creating a global family of people who want to change the world and look good while doing it.

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How does it work?

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Your commitment to us

  • As an exclusive fashion boutique or progressive opticians, you care about the look of your shop, your customer service and your impact on the environment.

  • Maintained displays of our frames, which includes a full display stand at all times (if using one of our POS stands)
  • All staff able to describe our products and our ‘Share the Sun’ promise to customers
  • An open conversation – feedback to us so we can tailor our products, brand, support and ‘Share the Profit’ offer so it works better and better for you

Our commitment to you

  • Beautiful & unique products – sunglasses and/or prescription glasses
  • Highly competitive gross margin 5% of our revenue in an agreed number of miles radius from your shop – agreed on a shop by shop basis, to reflect a shop on the coast having a very different catchment to a city suburb
  • Our ‘Share the Sun’ promise – enabling the gift of solar light for every pair of frames sold
  • Point of sale support – e.g. display stand, flyers and window posters A briefing about what makes each of our styles unique


Winner ‘Frame of the Year 2019’ – Optician Awards

National Santander Entrepreneurship Award Winners

Crowdfunder UK Best New Idea in Fashion 2017


Featured in Forbes, the Mirror, and the Independent’s Top 15 Sunglasses of 2017