Merchandising made easy.

We've created a whole range of stand-out solutions that will compliment your business. Giving you everything you need to have your new Bird ranges ready meet your customers in no time. 

Point of Sale Display Stands.

Showing off our head-turning products within your business has never been easier thanks to our attractive, sustainably made eyewear stands. Available in either 6-frame or 12-frame options, each stand is designed to take up minimal space in store, whilst enabling maximum customer interaction at point of sale.




All orders of 6 frames will qualify for a free of charge 6-frame stand that can be included in your order. Simply request your 6-frame stand at the time of ordering and the we will arrange for this to be included in your shipment.

We love to see your creative display ideas so please tag us in any promotions that you run.

For advice on how to best position the range in your business, check out our Merchandising Guide.


Marketing & Promotional Material.

Draw attention to your business with our free-of-charge merchandising displays. Each display helps to show customers that you are part of something bigger and helps customers feel like they are part of the story. 

Our merchandising is available in a variety of sizes and formats to suit your business. From A1 sized posters that are perfectly suited to visual merchandising in shop frontage, to our pocket sized mini look-books, which make excellent story-telling pieces for a smaller store.

We also have a variety of digital assets available that can greatly boost online sales results and compliment cross-platform marketing.

For a list of our current marketing materials available, check out our latest Merchandising List.


If you are planning on running an in-store campaign, we would love to get involved. We can make sure you have all the items you need in advance and provide increased coverage through our social media channels. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, a story paints a thousand pictures.



Head of Business Development & Partnerships