Wouldn’t it be great if your packaging could be harmlessly dissolved into non-toxic biomass. Meet Ecowrap, our very own water soluble, biodegradable mailer bag.

marine safe water soluble packaging 

Single-use plastics have created a pollution problem in our world - something that affects us all. To help combat this we have teamed up with Aquapak to create an earth-friendly mailer bag. 

Whilst eyewear is our focus, we don’t stop there when it comes to developing better materials. Every part of our product gets the same love and attention. Just another step to keep your Birds safe whilst going one extra for the planet.

So what is it?

Our Ecowrap mailer bags are made by pioneering packaging company, Aquapak, whose mission has been to develop a modern packaging solution; not only fit for purpose while in use but 100% water soluble, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

Ecowrap is made from a specially formulated polymer called Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). This sounds like a mouthful, but the simple truth is that unlike traditional polymers PVOH is hydrophilic, meaning it loves water (much like we do) and can break down harmlessly into biomass.

This material has undergone rigorous testing and is certified non-toxic to marine species.

Ecowrap is robust at standard temperatures, meaning it performs well in storage and transporting your Birds around the world. But by its nature Aquapak’s base polymers, Hydropol™, are inherently biodegradable and above 70°C+ they readily dissolve. This means every bag can be safely dissolved at the end of its life. However, should you wish, you may also recycle it directly, use it as a waste food bag, or simply reuse it.

Beneath the Surface:

marine safe water soluble packaging 

Why is Ecowrap different to traditional plastics?

Traditional plastics are so robust that they persist in the environment, have the potential to amalgamate with each other, draw other toxins to themselves, and leach chemicals to their surroundings.

What is PVOH?

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) is a water-soluble polymer. Polymers are common and found in nature in things like rubber, starch or protein, as well as man-made plastics. Polymers are simply larger molecules made up of smaller molecules called monomers.

What’s special about a hydrophilic polymer like PVOH is that given the right conditions, it will simply dissolve and break down without the formation of toxins or the subsequent absorption of toxins associated with traditional plastics.

Is this marine safe?

Ecowrap (made from Hydropol™) is marine safe and non-toxic to marine fauna. Being hydrophilic (water liking) it has no propensity to attract toxins or form toxic micro plastics.

How is it compostable?

By its nature Hydropol™ is inherently biodegradable as microorganisms will breakdown the polymer in various conditions.

Does Aquapak’s Hydropol™ form microplastics?

The term microplastics was defined in 2009 as, “plastic particles smaller than 5mm in size”.

When in solution Hydropol™ cannot form microplastics. Depending on the environment, Hydropol™ in solid form may break down to minute particles - but importantly it does so without the formation of toxins or the subsequent absorption of toxins associated with traditional plastics.

Unlike conventional plastics - whose long lasting hydrophobic micro-particles absorb and concentrate toxins - these small particles of Hydropol will not persist in the environment, are non-toxic and marine-safe.