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A website for your business is more important than ever before, although it can also require a big investment in money, research, technical knowledge and of course - time.

We recognised that some of our partners wanted to have a website, but they were not in a position to create one of their own. Some had relied on Facebook Pages or similar, which had been a useful resource, but become less-relevant when their customers move away from Facebook.

We knew we could help and so introduced ‘Partnership Pages’. Each Partnership Page is effectively a micro website, hosted by us. It helps you tell your story to your customers and even includes a URL showing your brand name.

It's a space to put content out to the world such as Opening hours, Q&A’s with your team, and links to all your social channels for customers to engage with you. It also has the added benefit of being accessible to all visitors and customers of our webpage findyourbirds.com. 

Need something changed on your Partnership Page? No problem, we provide incredibly easy templates for you to update content as needed.

Did we mention it’s free for all Partnerships?

Take a peek at one our favourite Partnership Pages; Doctor Oculus.

 Want to find our more about Partnerships? Click the link below for further information.



Head of Business Development & Partnerships