B2B or not B2B, that is the question.

You might not have known that Bird Eyewear was initially launched in 2020 as ‘Bird Sunglasses’. Just like the name suggested, we solely offered sunglasses back then. Our business was very much orientated to D2C (direct to customer) channels and we didn’t have a broad business presence.

Our mission has, and alway will be, to make Better Eyewear for a Better World. So when we received repeated requests for prescription glasses, we knew that this was something we seriously wanted to expand into.

6 months later, after raising further investment, we were delighted to introduce our first range of Ophthalmics (THE X MODEL). This led to a natural transition away from Bird Sunglasses and into ‘Bird Eyewear’, as a better reflection of the two avenues we had available; Opthalmics and Sunglasses.

Now newly upgraded to Bird Eyewear, we saw exponential growth in our B2B (business to business) orders and a drastic increase in our brand awareness. Birds were debuting in new parts of the world and into new industries; Opticians, Fashion Stores and an ever-growing number of Eco Stores. Fast forward to current day and B2B remains our primary focus with the evolution of our business-to-business channel known as Bird Eyewear 'Partnerships'. Partnerships enables more people to experience Bird Eyewear, in more places and in more diverse industries than ever before. It's an exciting new chapter and proving to be a real page-turner.

Not available Direct to Customer.

To further solidify our commitment to our Partnerships, we have developed an exclusive Partnership range of eyewear that will solely be available though our Partners. 

The exclusive off-line range is currently in production and scheduled for distribution in Spring 2023. We can't wait to show you how good the new Birds look.

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Head of Business Development & Partnerships