Tawny | Honey (small)


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Whatever your mood the Tawny Honey is like wearing portable sunshine. Perfect for smaller heads and made from sustainable and renewable materials, wherever you go, you'll be framing your world with good vibes. 


+ Sizing & Fit
- Frame size: Small 
48mm-22mm-140mm (lens, nose, temples)

This frame is best suited for smaller heads. Ideal for many face shapes and nose heights.


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+ The Clarity Range

A sustainable bio-acetate frame, carefully finished with sprung hinges and adjustable temple ends to ensure the best fit. This frame is made with Mazzucchelli cellulose acetate, a naturally derived material made from wood pulp. Providing an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics. The wooden temples are made using sustainably certified woods, layered for extra strength and inlaid with our bird motif.


+ Technical Specs
- Frame size: Small
- 48mm-22mm-140mm (lens, nose, temples)
- Colour: Yellow frame with wooden temples
- Gender: Unisex
- Material: Italian Mazzucchelli bio-acetate, beech and sandlewood
- Lenses: Prescription or Amber polarised lenses 100% UVA protection (UV400)
- Built-in flexible micro-hinges
- Sustainable Eco-cork case
- Recycled Share Your Sun cloth

    Mindful materials

    Bio-acetate is an ultra-fine eco-friendly version of plastic, made without crude oil, that can biodegrade after only 115 days.

    The main benefits include:
    • Sustainably sourced materials.
    • Biodegradable in seawater.
    • Hypoallergenic & safe for your skin.
    • High strength and flexibility characteristics.
    • Industrial compostable in 115 days.
    • Biodegrades in nature within 3 years.

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    Caring for communities


    Every pair sold helps to combat poverty and climate change through our partnership with SolarAid. Using Solar energy in rural Africa cuts CO2 Emissions from toxic fuel sources and helps provide a brighter future.