Did you know that almost 3/4 of people wear glasses? That’s a serious amount of frames on faces, and with so much choice out there, and thousands of lens variations, it’s hard to know which pair to go for. 

It's key that glasses correct your vision, and they should protect your eyes from the sun's harsh UV rays as well. You'll be glad to hear that Bird offers both clear and sun lenses that will suit your needs down to a T.

Dogs aren't just for Christmas, and sunglasses aren’t just for summer.


From September to February the sun sits much lower in the sky, bringing those magical yet harmful rays right down to eye level, even our trusty caps can't fend them off. These golden days put strain on our eyes without us realising. So, investing in sunglasses in the autumn may at first seem bonkers, but is actually the best buy to tick off your list during the colder months.

When it's time to re-frame your world, Bird has you covered. Timeless style, renewable materials and the very best lenses.  We’ve carefully designed our frames to suit all face shapes, compliment every outfit and withstand the test of time.

Ordering prescription lenses couldn't be easier, simply head to our prescriptions page, choose your frame, your lenses and send us a copy of your latest eye exam. There’s no hidden costs or shipping charges.

We’ve also reinvented online glasses shopping, in more ways than one. No more fretting about whether a pair will suit your face shape, hair colour or skin tone, we’ve got your back covered (well, your eyes actually).

The Bird Eyewear Virtual Try-On service allows you to see each pair of frames on your face in real time, and you can even check yourself out from different angles as the try-on software works through your live cam, as well as still images. All you need to do is let us know which pair have stolen your heart, and we’ll fit the frames with your correct prescription - the hardest part is choosing the pair you love the most!



Our knowledgeable team know glasses inside and out, we are masters of materials, but we also like to keep it simple, caring about the core values that keep our world spinning. Our eco-friendly frames mean you can rest assured that you’re helping the planet, our partnership with Solar-Aid helps people in need, and here at Bird we are purely happy in the knowledge that we are helping you to look great, feel awesome, and keep the world you see crystal clear.


September 18, 2020 — Ed Bird