At Bird Eyewear our flock have the extensive Optical expertise which you would expect from an optical eyewear brand. Apart from knowing their 1.49 CR39 from their 1.59 Polycarbonate (lens material jargon), they share amongst themselves speciality trade know-how to make your online optical experience top notch behind the scenes. If you have any question, no matter what it is, don’t hesitate to email, live chat or, while we’re on the theme of birds, carrier pigeon. Whether it be questions about your prescription given by your Optician, or questions regarding your lens choices. We will be here and trust us, we’ve heard it all. Within this article you will be presented with some tips and benefits to ordering your prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses from Bird Eyewear.



Our team of Birds understand that ordering something as specific and personal as eyewear on the internet is scary. We can see why traditional Opticians would advise against this, but we also know how important good vision and a good pair of spectacles are; as glasses wearers ourselves! Our glazing facility who make your prescription glasses have to follow legal standards before they even come back to us to make presentably beautiful, to then be packaged and dropped to your doorstep.

But what about that personalised experience I get at my local opticians? When you really think about it, ordering from the comfort of your own nest is extremely personal and there is the ability to order 24/7, for your convenience.


The Home-Try-On Service is at your disposal where you can try frames at home for the grand cost of £1 (which goes to our partner charity Solar Aid) and return them to us free of charge. This service gives you the opportunity to test comfort, friend’s and family’s opinions, quality and durability. There is nothing to say that you can do this multiple times too. Within the Home-Try-On boxes we insert some vital tools to help you measure your Pupillary Distance and Ocular Centres (basically the distance between your eyes and where your eyes sit within your new Birds.) This is important when the lab are making the glasses as they will know where to situate the prescription. 

There is more choice at your fingertips. Online services have the ability to stock more than a brick and mortar location will ever be physically able.

When choosing spectacles, like most things, it helps to know what to look for in terms of sizing and fit. There are some specifics to help give you a positive association with finding the perfect glasses. To begin with, having an idea of which colour, material and shape is a good starting point. However, do not fret, if you are totally bewildered by it all – our Home-Try-On Service has the tools which we know is most helpful or send us a message where we will be happy to help and provide fashion advice and knowledge.



On a more intriguing note, we also offer a tool where you are able to try on our Bird glasses and sunglasses via virtual reality, wherever you are. Yes, virtual reality. This awesome bit of tech enables anyone who would like to try a pair of Birds ensure that they do in fact suit their face shape at home before purchase.

This simple yet effective method not only allows our customers to see what suits their face shape but reduces the carbon footprint of both us and our flock. Trying before you buy adds a power of certainty to your shopping as you already know the sunglasses suit you, therefore minimising on exchanges and returns through the postal service, thus reducing emissions and extra packaging - and saving you time. 

Try the Virtual Try-On here



Sustainability is our thing here at Bird Eyewear. We are excited to preach about the fact that we have achieved a B-Corp certification for our success in being an ethical eyewear brand. Where we can (within almost everything we do) we strive to have our products and packaging made of recycled materials and therefore reducing our carbon footprints.

When purchasing a pair of Birds, alongside the “Share Your Sun” campaign, you will provide a family in Zambia or Malawi a solar light. At the moment these families tend to use fossil fuel burning lights which are not only extremely expensive but are dangerous as they cause fires and emit dangerous chemicals which are detrimental to health. Solar lights will make such a positive impact on lives for example, allowing children to stay up longer to study as they will have the light to aid them.


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